Mount Erskine Park Fundraiser

You Did It!

Thanks to wonderful park angels like you, and your love for BC’s natural beauty, the funds necessary for the purchase of the Mt. Erskine Trail connector property were raised and BC Parks has purchased the land.  Hooray!!! 
This would not have been possible without the volunteer efforts of dedicated Salt Spring Islanders -  most notably Charles Kahn and Gary Quiring who spearheaded the project and were steadfast champions and fundraisers.  Thanks also go to Betty-Ann Kruger and Sheryl Taylor-Munro for their help with grant applications.  
Congratulations!  Please spend some time to sit with the feeling of being a part of something great and enduring.

Mount Erskine Park on Salt Spring Island is a lush area with a network of trails that lead through old-growth forests, wetlands and ecosystems that support many species at risk. Along with the stunning nautre the trail winds through, hikers are rewarded with breathtaking views of Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and everything in between.