Photo Credits

Destination BC/Paul Zizka. Hikers, from the summit ridge of Mount Burgess.  In the background are Mt. Carnavrvon, Mt. Marpole,and President Range.

Destination BC/Steven Fines. Black Bear on Northern Vancouver Island.

Destination BC/Brayden Hall.  Hiking at Emperor Falls on the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Destination BC/Patrice Halley. A group of people rowing a traditional First Nations canoe in Howe Sound with mountains in the background.

Destination BC/Chris Harris. Couple canoeing with views of the mountains at Babcock Lake in Bowron Lake Provincial Park.

Other photos generously available from BC Parks, and from the following photographers via Unsplash

1. What We Do: Michael Hoyt, Lukas Budimaier, Atia Naim, Alexei Scutari; 2. Parks are What Forever Looks Like: Adam Willoughby, Ash Edmond, Ken Cheung, Thomas Kelley, Ray Hennessey, Eirik Olsen. 3. Create and Share: Bryce Evans; 4. Why: Filip Mroz;  5. World Class Experiences: Sander Wekamp; 6. Discovery: Nathan Ziemansky; 7. Wildlife: Kevin Noble, Vincent van Zelinge; Rohan Macheka, David Kovalenko; 8. Securing Parks: Drew Folwell, Nathan Dumiao; Paxon Woelber, Pedro Lasta, Timothy Meinberg. 9. Deepening Cultural Connections: Ken Cheung, Clarice Meyer, Megan Johnson, Jedediah Smith.