Photo Credits

Destination BC/Paul Zizka. Hikers, from the summit ridge of Mount Burgess. In the background are Mt. Carnavrvon, Mt. Marpole and President Range.

Destination BC/Steven Fines. Black Bear on Northern Vancouver Island.

Destination BC/Brayden Hall. Hiking at Emperor Falls on the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Destination BC/Patrice Halley. A group of people rowing a traditional First Nations canoe in Howe Sound with mountains in the background.

Destination BC/Chris Harris. Couple canoeing with views of the mountains at Babcock Lake in Bowron Lake Provincial Park.

Destination BC/Andrew Strain. Hiker overlooking alphine lake in the Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park.

Other photos generously available from BC Parks and from the following photographers via Unsplash:

1. What We Do: Michael Hoyt, Lukas Budimaier, Atia Naim, Alexei Scutari; 2. Parks are What Forever Looks Like: Adam Willoughby, Ash Edmond, Ken Cheung, Thomas Kelley, Ray Hennessey, Eirik Olsen. 3. Create and Share: Bryce Evans; 4. Why: Filip Mroz;  5. World Class Experiences: Sander Wekamp; 6. Discovery: Nathan Ziemansky; 7. Wildlife: Kevin Noble, Vincent van Zelinge; Rohan Macheka, David Kovalenko; 8. Securing Parks: Drew Folwell, Nathan Dumiao; Paxon Woelber, Pedro Lasta, Timothy Meinberg. 9. Deepening Cultural Connections: Ken Cheung, Clarice Meyer, Megan Johnson, Jedediah Smith.