What we do


We will protect BC’s Provincial Parks ecological integrity and resilience by:

  • Developing world-class, parks-based science initiatives which engage parks users and focus on biodiversity and climate change

  • Promoting the resilience of parks.


We will inspire an active parks support community that values, loves and stewards BC’s world class provincial parks through:

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Parks-related education

  • Parks-related products and services

  • Thought leadership

  • Forming strategic partnerships with innovators

  • Supporting innovative ideas and members of the parks community

  • Thoughtful communications, events, campaigns and partnerships.


We will connect people to BC’s parks by:

  • Promoting the health benefits of our parks

  • Increasing the quality, diversity and accessibility of visitor experiences, including learning and education, and sustainable recreational use of our parks

  • Improving inclusivity of our parks

  • Facilitating acknowledgement, respect and meaningful First Nations involvement in parks.


We will enhance the BC provincial parks system by facilitating:

  • The acquisition of priority private lands in and adjacent to parks

  • Infrastructure investments that improve parks accessibility and visitor experiences.


We will sustain the achievement of our mission, vision, goals and objectives through the help of our community of supporters. Donate today.