What we do

Protecting Wildlife, Habitats and Ecosystems

Our goal is to preserve the ecological integrity of parks by:

  • Restoring ecosystems

  • Controlling invasive plants and animals

  • Protecting species at risk

  • Developing new protected areas

  • Educating and creating awareness

  • Utilizing science, data and technology

Creating World Class Experiences

Our goal is to expand and improve the experiences people have in parks by:

  • Building and maintaining trails and huts

  • Fostering stewardship through awareness and education

  • Advancing opportunities for people with barriers to experience parks

  • Improving signage and information

  • Enhancing amenities such as family areas.

Discovering Parks

Our goal is to inspire people through experiences where they can discover the wonders of our parks.

We will work with a range of partners and volunteers on projects, such as

  • A volunteer naturalist and outdoor recreation guide program
  • A mobile discovery centre that visits schools and provides educational material
  • Activities and projects for children
  • Transportation programs that get people to parks
  • Designing and building trails
  • Healthy by Nature: events and information about the benefits of being in nature

Deepening Cultural Connections

Our goal is to acknowledge, respect, and celebrate First Nations’ traditions, culture and communities in parks.

As resources becomes available, we work with a range of partners and volunteers on projects including

  • First Nations communities showcasing their heritage and cultural practices

  • First Nations elders and youth connecting around culture, traditions, and traditional ecological knowledge

  • Aboriginal guardians and student rangers assisting in park stewardship  

  • Exploring aboriginal ecotourism opportunities.  

Securing Parks Forever

Our goal is to build the most active, diverse, and innovative community of parks supporters per capita of any jurisdiction in the world.  Our park support community, working collaboratively with governments, will create one of the most revered systems of parks and protected areas on the planet.

As resources becomes available, we work with a range of partners and volunteers on projects, including

  • Pursuing opportunities for land acquisition and park expansion

  • Acting as a champion and fundraiser for parks

  • Building an endowment for unanticipated opportunities

  • Ensuring the upkeep of the facilities and amenities our community adds

  • Keeping the community growing, thriving, and celebrating.