Wildlife Forever

Furthering the ecological integrity and resilience of parks 

British Columbia contains more biodiversity than anywhere else in North America and is home to over 75 per cent of Canada’s mammals. With the increasing pressures of climate change, park usership and other stress factors, we are seeing impacts on wildlife and other values that parks were established to protect. As a result, there is a need to develop a deeper understanding of our parks and how we can protect and enhance them into the future.

Wildlife Forever uses various forms of data collection including remote wildlife cameras, eDNA and citizen science initiatives to grow our understanding of the state of our parks. These combined tactics and technological advances are leading to unprecedented levels of observations which help to inform management decisions and engage a critical network of park stewards throughout the province. 

By combining insights from new big data analytics technology, we can create more holistic views of wildlife and their habitats and lasting conservation outcomes through Wildlife Forever.


Five-year goals

  • 50,000 new observations are made in parks by citizen scientists
  • Five new projects focus on the conservation genetics of key species populations and on the implications of this knowledge for conservation
  • Knowledge of the threats facing key species - mainly climate change - is being continuously updated and is contributing to the development of mitigation measures, recovery plans and management strategies
  • Five peer-reviewed articles are published based on our work.


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