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Beautiful, Supernatural BC is one of the most amazing places on the planet. While most of the planet has lost and is losing nature and wildlife at alarming rates, BC still has vast tracts of the original earth. Here you can still experience the source of genuine well-being — the untamed magic of life.

We started as a group of prominent British Columbians with a mission to protect, enhance, celebrate and pass on this magic. We believe our world-class park system is at the core of who we are, our wealth, and our future. Our most treasured places need our support or we risk losing the incredible natural legacy we are lucky enough to call home.

People like you have amazing ideas, energy, and resources. We come to you respectfully and enthusiastically, to ask you to consider joining us in our magic canoe of park supporters. We call it magic because the canoe always expands to welcome new paddles, and every paddle makes a difference, no matter the size, shape, or colour.

The parks need you, and now more than ever, the world needs more Beautiful, Supernatural BC. While there are many worthy causes, when you support parks, you are passing along the magic of life. Forever.

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein


BC Parks Champions

Robert Bateman
Robert Bateman

In many ways parks have made me who I am. As an Ontario boy, I thought of Algonquin Park as a kind of Nirvana. It denoted wilderness and nature in a pure form. Wolves roamed there. When I landed a job, ages 17-19, doing “chores” at the research station, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It also became apparent that the people who worked in parks, the rangers and naturalists, were an important part of the scene. They appreciate and protect nature for others to enjoy. These people became my role models.

BC parks are among the most spectacular in the world because this province is blessed with a great variety of natural habitats from mountains to marine. We need to use them or lose them but at the same time we must not love them to death with too many amenities. It will take vigilance and budgets to guarantee that our parks will be as beneficial to future generations as they are to us.

Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson

I was born in Port Alberni and grew up on Vancouver Island. That was the era when family vacations meant packing the camping gear into the trunk of the Buick and heading off down one BC's brand new highways. It was pure exploration and discovery - the Cariboo, the Slocan Valley, the Big Bend highway, the Chilcotin - exploring the wonders of the province by day, and pulling in for the night at a BC Parks campground. Those experiences kindled my love of exploration and new vistas, which took me around the world as a scientist (biology PhD) then later as a technology entrepreneur. I founded the BC-based Tula Foundation in 2002 and set up Tula’s Hakai Institute in 2010. Hakai develops the tools, systems, people and insights we need to understand our coastal ecosystems in the context of climate change, and to deal with the consequences that are coming. We operate field stations at remote locations on the BC coast. We have our own scientific staff plus a large network that includes university researchers, government scientists and First Nations. For the past eight years we have enjoyed a very close and productive partnership with BC Parks via our Calvert Island field station, which is located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.