Discover Parks

Inspiring British Columbians and guests to discover, experience and care for nature 

BC’s world-class parks are not only the backbone of our tourism economy, but also serve as a haven for family time, recreation, education, inspiration, culture and personal fulfillment. In 2018/2019, BC’s parks had over 26 million visits – an increase of nearly five million over five years. While it’s great that more people are getting outside, some of our natural areas are under pressure due to increasing visitation.

Discover Parks brings together nature, art, technology and culture to connect people to nature.

  • Discover Park Ambassadors: Engage with passionate Ambassadors who guide and inspire park visitors, promoting nature appreciation, outdoor safety, and responsible park use.
  • Nature Houses: Visit essential hubs for visitor information, educational programming, and community engagement, contributing significantly to fostering a sense of shared responsibility for park protection and appreciation.
  • Discover Trails: Immerse yourself in a self guided interactive park experiences that weaves through BC's parks, telling stories, fostering cultural connections, and nurturing stewards for the future.
  • Dive into our online hub, your go-to resource for park experiences, and community engagement. Discover diverse content and resources, all in one convenient space.

Join us in our mission to create a legacy of responsible park stewardship, showcasing British Columbia's unique stories to our children and the world. Together, let's embrace the harmony between nature, technology, and culture, and build a future where our parks thrive for generations to come.

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