Protected: Galiano Island Garry Oak Ecosystem

April 10, 2024

Protected: A Sensitive Galiano Island Garry Oak Ecosystem

BC Parks Foundation has partnered with the Galiano Conservancy Association (GCA), Sitka Foundation and an anonymous donor to protect a sensitive habitat on Galiano Island.

The Mt. Sutil Extension is 4.2 hectares of coastal Douglas-fir forest and sensitive Garry Oak bluff habitat bordering the existing Mt. Sutil Nature Sanctuary.

BC Parks Foundation will lease the property to the GCA, who will take care of it, controlling invasive plants, documenting species at risk and other stewardship activities.

Garry Oak ecosystems on Galiano Island are home to more than 100 provincially-listed species at risk.  Thanks to your contribution, the ongoing stewardship of this imperiled area will ensure the protection of these important ecological communities.  Read more here.

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