Using Technology to Make the Most out of Every Adventure

June 20, 2019

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash.

Editor's note: The BC Parks Foundation is proud to have Yervana as one of our earliest partners. Every time you book through Yervana's platform, $2 goes back into BC's park system. Together, we are increasing the accessibility to and sustainability of our incredible province.


Applications. Websites. Digital media. The Internet. Technology.

Wait, technology and the outdoors? How can those two get along? Many of us head outdoors to escape our technological addictions: social media, streaming platforms, the web. But think about it, what do you do before you get outside? What do you do to prepare yourself?

You dig deeper to find your adventures - and tech has made that easier than ever.

Today’s technology is broad and limitless, and finding platforms which suit our needs can be a daunting task. However, framed in the right way, technology offers a place of encouragement, support and a sense of adventure. It can inspire our next excursion, ensure we’re prepared before heading outdoors, get us to and from our parks and further our exploration. 

SIDE NOTE: For consistency’s sake, this blog will use the example of hiking – a passion of mine and an easy reference point. But remember, these points can apply to any adventure you go on! Keep your own passions in mind as read on. 

Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash

Digging deeper | The 4 stages

Stage 1: Inspiration

During the inspiration stage, we browse. We have every platform and resource at our fingertips. From friends to strangers, we can use all these sources to find out where we want to go next. For me, visuals and stories help prioritize my list of hikes. Parks are for everyone and we can all access them by starting to plan with inspiration tickling our minds!

Here are some tech resources I frequent when looking for a spark of interest: 


  • Search relevant hashtags. For example, I like #optoutdoors or #BChikes, or trending hashtags like #explorebc and #beautifulbc.
  • Influencers can also shed light on some cool spots. Even if they don’t post the exact location, they can provide some inspiration: do I want to see a lake? A waterfall? A summit? Do I want to learn how to identify plants on my hike? 


  • Do you only have a day in a city with an awesome park system nearby? Pinterest creates boards that can give you lists of places to visit in 24 hours (and sometimes less!).

Facebook friends

  • Personal stories from people you know are above all my favourite way to find inspiration before prepping for a hike. Ask your friends about their favourite hikes and why.


  • I like to read blogs once I feel as though I have an idea for what kind of hike I’m looking for. This is a perfect segue into preparation. Not only will you find inspiration from others' experiences, but you’ll also begin to hear about some of the things you might need to think about when out on the trails. Try finding a blog that interests you here


Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

Stage 2: Preparation

Once inspiration is moving and grooving in our minds, we naturally tend to move into the adventure-preparation stage. Of course, knowing where to start and how to finish preparing can be difficult! Here are a few places to start your planning: 

Educational and informational platforms

  • Leave No Trace
    • I highly encourage you to take a look at the Leave No Trace website. You can further your outdoor awareness and education through their tips, tricks and tools. 
  • AdventureSmart
    • This website illustrates more tips and tricks for outdoor preparedness. From the 3 T’s (Trip Planning, Training and Taking the Essentials) to their adventure planning app, AdventureSmart is a great guide with awesome technology to help you start your journey into the outdoor space. 
  • Trail apps
    • There are plenty of apps out there dedicated to helping you become prepared for your outdoor adventure. The technology on these apps is becoming more and more sophisticated each day! From hiking apps like AllTrails (with forums, reviews, walk-throughs, GPS maps, and stats) to boating apps like Discover Boating Safety (covering regulations, guidelines, best practices and more), you’ll be sure to find a ton of information to help plan and chart your trip. 
  • Plant & animal identification apps
    • When hiking, we aren’t always familiar with our surroundings. What dangers should I be aware of? What points of interest are native to this area? These apps can help you discover and familiarize yourself with the area! They’re also great tools to engage children with the outdoors. Here is a list of awesome apps to start with.
  • Gear
    • Gear technology is amazing. Whether you’re focused on the lightest, most durable new tents or you’re more concerned about which watch will give you the most information, the tech is changing each year for the better. Companies such as MEC will give you comparisons and breakdowns on all the newest gear you can access. 


Stage 3: Transportation

BC has accessible parks for all mobility levels, and many cities are making it easier than ever outside. With new and/or improved technology, you can find ways to access parks solo or with a group. Consider using transportation apps for car sharing like Evo or Modo, checking available transit routes, or even find group excursions, like Parkbus

Photo by Wojciech Then on Unsplash

Stage 4: Explore

If the other steps helped you feel ready and properly prepared (i.e. you know the safety requirements for your activity or excursion), awesome. If not, there are now new ways to get out with people who will teach you new things and/or take you out of our comfort zone (ex. Apps like Yervana can take you canyoneering or to the top of a mountain for a 3-course meal; and the BC Parks Foundation launched a Story Trail leveraging QR code technology). Although learning to use modern tech can be intimidating, tech was designed to make your life easier. Explore different tech options to connect yourself deeper to the exploration our parks offer.

Wrapping it up

Just remember…

Safety is number one! 

Don’t go out on any adventure without being properly prepared. Since information is now at our fingertips, there is no excuse for us to be getting outdoors without doing the prep necessary. 

Tech is an amazing tool we have access to. We can use it for good, if we choose! But focusing on sustainable tourism is key: make sure to travel in reasonable group sizes, pack out whatever you pack in and be wary of your noise pollution.

Lastly, have fun! Don’t ever forget to have fun. 

See you on the trails!


About the author

Stephanie O’Neill works with Yervana and is a lover of outdoor spaces. She’s always on the hunt to find her newest adventure while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.