Today, We Start Something Big

September 15, 2022

Wilson 5 Foundation Pledges $100 Million to Preserve and Protect British Columbia's Natural Spaces

We started in 2018 with a big, hairy audacious goal: For BC to have the greatest system of parks and protected areas in the world. You, the park support community, delivered in spades. With your tireless support and commitment, 15 beautiful places were protected, millions of observations of nature were recorded, hundreds of thousands of visitors were engaged in responsible and safe park enjoyment, and a park prescription program was launched across Canada. It has been truly breathtaking!

But this is a critical decade to address climate change and biodiversity loss. We need to keep going. We need to go big. Really BIG.

Today, we shared a game-changing announcement. 

Secure your wool socks and read the full story here.