Critical Research Initiatives: French Creek's Bald Eagles

April 10, 2024

Critical Research Initiatives underway in French Creek for the protection of Bald Eagles and Great blue Herons!

Two critical research projects are underway in French Creek near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, in an area you helped protect several years ago.
Now leased by the Regional District of Nanaimo as a Nature Reserve, a BCPF Spark grant allowed scientists to study the nesting habits of Bald Eagles and Great Blue herons. 45 volunteers worked from January until the end of March last year. 86 nests were discovered, many of them new ones. More than 1,300 observation reports have been filed, which is critical data that will be used to protect these birds.

French Creek is a critical habitat, and the loss of available nesting and feeding habitats has reduced the capacity of these birds to thrive and raise their young.  Data from this project will contribute towards the protection of these magnificent creatures.

In essence, this research isn't merely a catalog of species; it's a clarion call for action, a testament to the delicate balance of ecosystems, and a rallying cry for the preservation of our natural heritage.

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