Deep Bay Habitat Protected Forever

April 10, 2024

Deep Bay Protected Forever

An ecologically sensitive habitat on Vancouver Island, near Courtenay/Comox, is now protected, thanks to you. 

The 34 hectare oceanfront parcel fronts Deep Bay and is a link that will connect other already- protected areas. Within the protected area there are a number of species at risk, including the Northern Red-legged Frog, Little Brown Myotis, Hoary Bat, and Silver-haired Bat. Wetlands, riparian and an older forest are three of the sensitive ecosystems that are also now protected. It is also a very important area for salmon, with stream keepers having worked there for decades.

Local conservation plans further emphasize the importance of this property, ranking it as 'Very High' in terms of conservation value. It's a treasure trove of nature, worthy of our utmost protection and care.

The Protection of this land is made possible by a family's heartfelt mission to pay tribute to the memory of their beloved late father, Warren Cook. He was an unwavering advocate for local conservation initiatives, including those on this very property. Our collective goal is to ensure that this land is preserved for all forever, due to its invaluable conservation significance.

Your support and effort have once again helped to protect yet another at risk area in Beautiful BC!

How Can I Help Protect Areas in BC?