The Parks Bank of British Columbia

Expanding and enhancing park lands and infrastructure 

BC’s parks are more than just beautiful places that we enjoy, that drive our economy, and that are at the core of who we are as British Columbians. They also provide essential life support functions for us and other species.

Because of increasing pressures like climate change and park visitation, it is more important than ever to add new parkland, fund restoration and create corridors between parks so animals can survive in case of things like fire, disease or habitat loss. 

The Parks Bank of British Columbia serves as a way to fund the enhancement of BC’s parks, beyond government responsibilities. The fund will support organizations building and maintaining facilities like huts, trails, bridges, docks and toilets. It will also support the Foundation in facilitating the purchase or receipt of lands that we can transfer into a protected status with the support of land trusts and other organizations.


Five-year goals

  • Facilitate the acquisition and transfer of five priority lands/waters into the parks system
  • Improve or install 100 green facilities.


See below for more information on current projects.